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    WBC History:

    WIth its rich bar history, TGI Fridays is credited for modernizing and popularizing flair bartending in the United States beginning in the mid 1980s.

    The earliest known competition for flair bartending was held by TGI Fridays in Marina del Rey, California around 1985. Management noticed bartender John Mescall's talent for juggling bottles while pouring drinks and decided to hold an in-store competition, which they later took national.

    Mescall was a bit hesitant, because other Fridays bartenders saw his art more of a nuisance when they were forced by management to flair as well. He made a couple of "how-to" videos for TGI Fridays® and later worked with John J.B. Bandy in what was probably the first ever flairtending video, "Olympic Bartending". The earliest world championship for flair bartending was held by TGI Fridays in 1987 for their bartenders, and was won by John J.B. Bandy.

    In 1991, TGI Fridays started its global competition called World Bartender Championship. The global competition continues today.

    TGI Fridays World Bartender Championship Past Winners:

    Hiroyuki “Mark” Yamada 2012
    David Kringlund 2011
    Attila Farmasi 2010
    Brian Zachau 2009
    Keisuke Goto 2008
    Tony Adams 2007
    Eric Martinez 2006
    Peter Marshall 2005
    Yuki Aisa 2004
    Kwang Ho Kim 2003
    Alan Wang 2002
    Adam MacDonald 2001
    Tercio Ferreira 2000
    Guy Minshall 1999
    Joe Pereira 1998
    Rob Eberle 1997
    Leigh Miller 1996
    Ray Weeks 1995
    Matt Durbin 1994
    Geoff Meston 1993
    Corey Campbell 1992
    Randy Erickson & Mark Elphicke 1991

    About WBC:

    The World Bartender Championship represents Fridays'; longstanding heritage, knowledge, expertise and innovation in the beverage industry. The competition began back in the late 80s as a challenge between bartenders and has grown into a full representation of the brand, a leader in the casual dining industry and one of the most recognized brands in the world.

    Each August, local competitions are held around the world to determine the best bartender at each restaurant. Local winners advance to regional and then divisional competitions for a chance to compete in the ultimate event - TBI Fridays World Bartender Championship. Most competitions are open to the public. The 2013 finals will take place on February 27, 2014 in Dallas, Texas.

    In March 2013, the new champion, Hiroyuki “Mark” Yamada of Tokyo, Japan was named the 2012 World Bartending CHampion, besting nine others and grabbing the $10,000 prize.

    TGI Friday’s® ... Who We Are

    On March 15, 1965, casual dining got a serious kick start. That’s when a fun-loving New Yorker named Alan Stillman purchased a bar located on 1st Avenue and 63rd Street and named it TGI Fridays...Thank God It’s Friday’s. Okay, so his main goal was to meet stewardesses, but what he didn’t know at the time was that he was going to create what is now referred to as the casual dining industry.

    From that moment on, lunch, dinner and drinks took on a whole new meaning. His restaurant quickly turned into the place to be for a helluva good time on any day, but especially on Fridays.

    The first T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant was an overnight sensation. What began as the ultimate “singles" bar became a destination synonymous with FUN for couples, co-workers and buddies. Fridays was different and it became THE place to see and be seen.

    Stillman’s ideas fashioned the legacy that exists in all of our restaurants...In here, it's always Friday. From craveable snaks and apps to stacked burgers and craft beers to hand-crafted cocktails, Fridays is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy with friends.

    So come in, catch the big game over beers, mingle, gossip with the girls, connect with friends or make new ones, all while enjoying fantastic food you can’t find anywhere else, like our signature Jack Daniel’s Grill®.

    Today, T.G.I. Friday’s offers a casual dining experience unlike any other, where you can expect great food, drinks and plenty of fun to go around at more than 900 locations in more than 59 countries. Just don’t expect a dull moment at any of them.


    The trademark JACK DANIEL'S is used under license to TGI Friday's Inc.
    ©2009 Jack Daniel's — All rights reserved.