Make It a Sport

The time has come for bartending to claim its rightful place as a recognized sport. Bartender athletes can be found across the globe and have been training for. You’d be hard-pressed to find athletes who are stronger (how many kegs does a bartender lift in one shift?), faster (ever battled the happy hour crowds?) and possess more stamina (um, hello, what time is last call again?) than bartenders.

With some help from our 2009 World Bartender Champion Brian Zachau, Friday’s® is leading the charge to make bartending a recognized sport. We started by sending a letter to the International Olympic Committee stating our case. What better way to recognize a sport than by the most prestigious athletic event in the world? You can read it here. Keep checking back for updates on the IOC’s response and how you can support the cause!

As we approached the 500-day mark in our countdown to the big games next summer in London, bartender athletes across the globe are anxious to hear if they will someday have a shot to go for the gold. Read our second letter to the IOC here.

Want to see Keg Lifting and Bottle Tossing events recognized as a sport? Make it happen by signing our petition. After you sign, make sure you forward the link to your favorite happy hour buddies!